When you first join the App, Whilo will ask you to "connect contacts" in order to view who of your contacts is already using Whilo, and invite those you would that are not currently Whilo users.

To connect your contacts and invite friends once you're already created a Whilo profile, select your 'Profile', and tap the "+Add Friends" button.

Whilo will ask to access your contacts and will display a list of all of your contacts, beginning with those already using the app, followed by an alphabetical list of your contacts not currently using Whilo. 

To invite your contacts that are not using Whilo, simply click the check box next to each person's name that you would like to invite. Once you've checked all of the people you would like invite, tap the "Invite XX Friends" button at the bottom of the screen. 

The Friends you've invited will then receive an email from Whilo telling them that you'd like them to join you in using the app.